Mount Athos is a vast living monument and the birthplace of the Greek Orthodox civilization (architecture, carpentry, calligraphy, iconography, metalworking, embroidery, etc.). But it is also unique in the whole world as a monument of nature, with distinctive natural, virgin beauty and areas of marvelous and rare flora and fauna.

The products produced by our Brotherhood are creations of the traditional services and dutiful labour of the brothers. With diligence and respect, the Monks of our Monastery manufacture and package products within the Monastic complex, meeting specific specifications, conditions, and certifications. These pure and traditional products are then shipped worldwide.

  • Oil, wine, honey, olives, herbs

These are pure products of the Athonite nature. They are produced on the farms of our Monastic region by the Monks of our Monastery, using natural methods without chemical fertilizers. They are processed and packaged within the Monastery, with the only authentic criterion being the Athonite tradition and sincerity.

  • Lokums, pastries

They are products made by the Monks of our Monastery in the certified confectionery workshop, using simple, traditional Athonite recipes.

  • Creams, soaps, Hypericum oil, torches

These are creations of the Monks of our Monastery. They are crafted with patience, precision, and consistency, exclusively in workshops within the Monastery, based on a simple ancient recipe using pure virgin olive oil, clean beeswax, local herbs etc., established through tradition, practice, and expert research specialists.

  • Handiwork (prayer ropes, crosses, incense)

They come mainly from ascetic Monks of the sketes of Mount Athos and the Monks of our Monastery, who craft them with patience, prayer, and precision. They are intended for use in personal prayer and worship of God.

The prices of the products are indicative and are based on the raw materials, auxiliary materials, and packaging types used by the Hieromonks of the Monastery for the creation of the unique, but also beneficial natural products of the Athonite land.